Coaching Locations
Fairways Golf Studios - Maxim Park
Fairways Golf Studios - Falkirk
Sandyhills Golf Club / Westerwood Golf CLub / Hayston Golf Club

2022 Coaching Prices
1 x 30 Minute Lesson = £35
1 x 60 Minute Lesson = £45
1 x 60 Minute Junior Lesson = £25

Golf Club and Ball


Golf can be an extremely difficult and frustrating game without any guidance. So why not have a lesson that is tailored to your specific swing characteristics and be guided on the path to better golf.
Craig has worked with world-renowned coaches and now coaches a variety of players from extremely skilled golfers to complete beginners.

Equipment for playing golf


Group Lessons offer a different take on the traditional 1-on-1 lesson. These small groups can be tailored to specific areas of the game, or the group's skill level.
These are also a good option for anyone who is unsure of golf lessons and would like to try coaching but with a group of their peers.

Golfer hitting golf


Fairways Golf Studios and Sandyhills Golf Club offer the perfect location for year-round practice.
With the advantage of having top-of-the-range teaching bays with Trackman technology and also a fantastic 18 hole golf course situated only 10 minutes away from Glasgow City Centre.