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What's In The Bag

With the 2021 season fast approaching, I have some exciting news. For the 2021 season, I will be playing Mizuno and I really look forward to being a Mizuno Ambassador for 2021.

What's in my bag?

Driver - ST-Z, HZRDS Smoke X-Stiff 72g

Fairway Woods - ST-Z 5 Wood, HZRDS Smoke X-Stiff

Irons - Mizuno Mp20 Combo Set, S300

4/5 Iron - MP 20 HMB, S300

6-PW - MP20 Std, S300

Wedges - Mizuno T20 Raw

52/56/60 Degree, S400

Putter - Mizuno IV, Blue

Balls - Mizuno RB Tour

Clothing & Shoes - Mizuno

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